Thursday, January 30, 2014


These are one of my students’ favorite activities. Before you begin applying squiggle assignments to your curriculum and adding the writing piece, students need time to just practice turning them into pictures. Give them a squiggle in the middle of a piece of paper and have them turn it into a picture. Here are some examples.

These were created by two kindergartners in the same classroom. Notice the different drawing abilities.

Two friends playing jump rope.

This child turned the squiggle upside down and created a bug.

The following three examples were made by first graders. 
Using the same squiggle creations included a bird, 
mug of hot cocoa, 

and a self portrait of Melissa. Too funny!

These pictures and stories were completed by fourth graders.

After your students have played with squiggles for a bit it is time to apply and utilize them with your curriculum.

In the samples below students listened to a read-aloud of the story Green Wilma, By Ted Arnold. They turned their squiggles into something that happened in the book or their favorite part.
The Green Monster

You can have students turn their squiggles into pictures of:
the setting of a book,
challenges the character faces,
visualization of a chapter,
a specific landform being studied,
a specific season,
ANYTHING that part of your curriculum!

This resource is available at my TPT store. It has over 30 student examples to see from kindergarten through middle school. Examples are from different areas of the curriculum: science and social studies, language arts, math, and stories, to name a few. You’ll get 21 squiggle reproducibles, which should take you through the rest of your school year! Also included are 4 different writing forms.