Patricia Pavelka works and consults with schools and organizations for grades K-8 throughout the country to help increase the achievements of students. She develops and presents workshops on the following topics: Literacy, Guided Reading Management, Centers, Reading Strategies and more. Pat has authored 15 books. Thirteen of her books are professional education books. She also has two children’s books with teacher activities included.


Pat's Available Inservice Workshops

All of Pat's workshops and presentations are based on current research. The presented strategies, ideas, and activities can be implemented immediately into classrooms with little or no prep time. Information teachers receive is not an add-on to their curriculum; instead, it shows ways to instruct and work with the existing curriculum.

Each of the following workshop presentations can be tailored directly to the needs of your district and schools. Presentations can be directly aligned with state and district curriculums. Specific information about the presentations is listed below and on the downloadable brochure.

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* Comprehension Strategies: Reading for Meaning
* Differentiating Assignments Through Learning Centers
* Effective Strategies for Struggling Readers and Writers
* Guided Reading Management: Structure and Organization for the Classroom
* Differentiating Instruction in a Whole Group Setting
* Guided Reading Instruction
* Content Area Reading and Study Strategies 
* Creating Life-Long Writers
* Managing a Wide-Range of Learners: Differentiating Instruction and Assignments     
* Implementing the Reading Common Core Standards with Ease


This activity can be found on pages 55 & 58 of Pat's book: Guided Reading Management.

Videos and Activities

On the right sidebar, under "Videos and Activities," is a listing of activities in four categories. By clicking on a category title, you will go to a list of videos related to that specific topic. These ideas can be implemented the next day and can be tailored to your school's curriculum as well as state standards.