Workshop Comments from Teachers and Administrators 


AMAZING!! This is the BEST workshop I have ever attended and I’ve been in education for 27 years! These activities are based on research and kid and teacher friendly. I would love to have principals see this.
Wendy Breeden, Reading Specialist. Virginia

... have used Pat’s ideas and information for several years and have found them to be very effective for multi-level instruction.
Kathleen Kane, Title Reading Teacher. Tennessee

Pat - This is my third session with you. I cannot tell you how you have made “managing” my 65 ESL (multi-lang, multi grade, multi level) students so much easier and efficient and productive.
Susan Cromer, ESL K-5. New York

Super creative relevant research-based ideas that can be implemented instantly and cheaply.
Gail Eydent, Title 1/Reading/Math. New Hampshire

I found that this workshop was by far the best workshop I have been to. It has opened my eyes to things and activities that I can incorporate into my classroom right away.
Robin Kluck, 5th Grade. Oklahoma

This was wonderful! Filled with easy to use ideas for teaching strategies.
Susan Rondeau, Grade 1 & 2. New Hampshire

I wish I had known this twenty years ago. This will completely change the way I teach first grade.
Carole A. Peery, 1st Grade. New Hampshire

Because of this workshop I will be able to add relevant & useful centers...not just busy work. I will also be able to assess children quickly on a daily basis!
Kristy Ford, 2nd Grade. Oklahoma

Pat Pavelka’s workshop was a great motivator for our new school year. Loaded with great practical strategies, she presented great information and hands-on activities. If all teachers could see her at work, we would have better readers.
Corinne Wandy, K-5 / ELL. Connecticut

Another winner! I’ve taken every course Pat has given in this district, and learn more every time! She makes me get excited about teaching all over again, every time.
Jeanne Austin, K-5 Resource Room. New York

Awesome. Invigorating Ideas.
Cheryl Shipman, 5th Grade. Massachusetts

Can’t wait to get my students evaluated using the grid - proof for parents - and myself! And getting my students to be active readers and use the sight words and word wall to write!
Patricia Bryan, Kindergarten. Kansas

This was one of the best, most relevant and useful workshops I’ve ever been to (and I’m very particular).
Kate Wright, K-4 Special Ed. Vermont

I love the time-saving, practical ideas that can be used all year!
Kim Schueller, 4th Grade. Wisconsin

I love Pat. She talked about strategies I can use TOMORROW. They were easy “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.
Pam Uecker, 1st & 2nd Grade. South Dakota

Excellent!! As a fifth grade teacher, it was a refreshing change to have a presenter of the same grade. Often times presenters are from the primary grades and not all ideas are practical for the upper grades. It was awesome for us to see grade level examples & what can and is being done!
Sarah Becker, 5th Grade. Pennsylvania

Very practical teacher friendly ready to use ideas! After 2 years of teaching, this tied in good teaching strategies to new research based terminology! Thanks Pat for your dedication and sharing
Veronica Foret, Kindergarten. Louisiana

Pat is a great presenter. She does an excellent job explaining her rationale. As a season veteran of twenty years I came away with new ideas that I can’t wait to incorporate into my centers/stations.
Beth Lyons, 1st Grade. West Virginia

This was extremely useful, creative, and insightfully planned. It makes centers manageable and useful without killer prep time. I’m excited to begin this plan.
Klorisa Tanner, 3rd Grade. West Virginia

This is the third Pat Pavelka workshop I have attended and each has given me wonderful ideas to implement immediately. I love the simple, yet highly effective strategies!
Cristen Simpson, 3rd Grade. West Virginia

WOW! You held our interest on the last day of School!
Jojnette French, 4th Grade. Louisiana

This was my 2nd Pat Pavelka conference. As a former 1st grade teacher, I was thrilled to see how I can adapt Pat’s creative, meaningful centers into my diverse multi-age 3/4 classroom!
Beth Bush, 3/4 Multi. Maine

Very well put together and very easy to implement. Nice
Jerell Wright,Kindergarten. West Virginia

Best workshop I’ve attended! I have so many new ideas. Thank You.
Misty Holcomb, 2nd Grade. West Virginia


Wonderful! I want you in our district. You leave with the boost to do it all in your classroom!
Margie Brunette, District Gifted & Talented Enrichment Resource Coordinator. Wisconsin

Patricia shared very useful and practical ideas. She is motivating and energetic. The teachers from my district in attendance today want Patricia to come to their buildings so all staff members can hear her.”
Sharon McDermott, Director of Instruction. Ohio

Thank you so much for some very practical and useful information for all kids.
Maury Geiger, Assistant Principal. Michigan

Great ideas and illustrations. Thanks for practical useful material.
Bryan Starr, Principal. Oregon

Excellent way of instructing that reinforces all learners have something to contribute to learning
Wanda Adkins, Principal. Virginia

Awesome! Very practical and useful.
Brenda Beck, Principal. Canada

Well thought out ideas and best practices based on research and how to help all students.
Donna Smith, Assistant Principal. Indiana

Much enthusiasm was shown by presenter. Gave excellent examples on how to apply wide range ability students to an assignment.
Ernie Engstrom, Principal. Illinois

Great “nuts and bolts” .... Practical - Interesting!
Michael Harwell, Principal. Georgia

I can’t wait to take this back to my pre-service actually use the strategies with them to help them learn and to model what they can do when they begin teaching.
Helena Mariella-Wahind, College Professor. Florida

Excellent. Hands-on tools provided for teachers to implement reading strategy. Teachers were very enthused. Can’t wait to see some of them in action.
Gail Rowe, Principal. New Hampshire

Things that you can use for your class that don’t cost alot of money. Pat gets you thinking about new strategies to teach the basic skills.
Marian Biederstedt, Director, South Dakota

High energy presentation, full of concrete examples to use on Monday.
Steffani Allen, Director, Early Childhood. Oklahoma

Dynamic presentation. Brought the management of small groups alive!
Rae Tucker, Adjunct Professor. Pennsylvania

My teachers said this was the best workshop ever!! They used several ideas the next day.
Pam Granucci, Principal. Connecticut